Skye tomorrow. Will pick you up at 7.30am.

7.30am are you mental? that's a YES by the way!

If you’re going to get up early on your day off, then drive 3 hrs to Skye it could a least be dry? no?  err no.

But if you’re going to drive 3 hours to get to a crag you’re not going to turn round and go home again.  Neist Point. End of the world. Also full of sheep and sight seers.  Rain stopping.  Sun never quite getting out. Rock dry.

I’ve been ill, not life and death, but i wouldn’t give in to it and it kept hanging on – and i was working too much and then it took me – 4 weeks of being low.  4 weeks of wading through sand.  I went climbing – i was shit.  Confidence sinking as low as my health.  Better now though, thank fuck.

Sonamara – the buttress and the climb.  Pete’s lead; nice. Then my go – Baywatch.  Shown as HS 4b in the photo topos and VS 4c in the text. I was hoping it would be more like the easier – obviously I’ll claim the latter.  It was nice.  Then Pete – a quick look at a HVS next to Sonamara – just a quick look, but no. So instead a VS called Jambalaya which was a bit unsatisfactory – but with a nice bit in the middle.

To finish, appropriately – Curtains, for me.  HS – but felt harder than anything else all day.  Fighting for it all the way up.  I so didn’t love that route, but now I can’t stop thinking about it.  Read into that what you will.