Spring in the North

Did I mention I moved to Inverness?  A good choice.  Springs being slow to reach these northern parts and there’s still solid water falling from the sky.  But we have trekked up the Caithness coast and gotten out to Latheronwheel and Sarclet.  And yes there was encounters with solid water both times, but also sun on warm rock .  You can make your own luck. (don’t be fooled there was also cold rock and cold hands)


Latheronwheel, of course, took me a few thoughtful cups of coffee to become less wary of – but then i really warmed to it. Would/will go back for sure to climb more stuff.

Still not sure how i feel about Sarclet; the rock nearly landing on me, the scale, the being ill. Yeah i was a little intimidated. That probably means i’ll be back there too. that’s the stuff that gets under your skin.