Cups on Shelves

_O, originally uploaded (on flickr) by Inside_man.

There’s an interview with Graeme Obree on the Velo Club Don Logan Podcast (Episode 9). There’s this great bit where he’s asked about trying to win the hour record, his answer came as a bit of an epiphany.

You don’t think I might be able to break this, cause otherwise your not gonna break it…  …In my mind it’s was as clear as lifting a coffee cup down from a shelf. You don’t go hmmm, I wonder if i can do it, i’ll have a go though. It’s like you just lift that coffee cup down.  … What I say to people is that the word try is three letters that represents the possibility of failure, an excuse for failure at the start. You don’t try to break the hour record; you set out “I’m going to to break the hour record” and that’s it!

Then when I think about it I realise that when I try to do things they sometimes don’t happen, but when I do things they do. So although I knew it, I hadn’t really got it.

I think over the last year I’ve got much better at making stuff happen, thanks to this change in attitude.  Always good to be reminded though, especially in a new year.

Here’s to doing stuff!